Bespoke Creations

Bring Your Dreams to Reality
Bespoke creations

How It Works

Chat With An Expert

Brainstorm your idea with us. We will discuss designs, materials and pricing to elaborate designs best suited to you.

Design Selection

Choose and customize your favorite rendered design out of the concepts we will have illustrated for you.

Manufacturing of Your Jewelry or Sculpture

Leave the hard work to us. Relax and observe your idea come to reality.

step 1: Let’s talk

Everything Starts With an Idea

Through this first encounter, we will navigate together what your needs and desires are for your new jewelry or sculpture to be made. Your idea can be as vague or as precise as you are comfortable with. Our experts will ask you some questions like “why are you seeking this jewelry?”,  “what style appeals to you?”, or “do you want a type of material in particular (stone, metal, etc..)?”. Jewelry should be timeless; to make it an heirloom it needs to have a story, a reason to be. With this precious information, we will translate your story into designs to bring your idea to life.   

    step 2: design

    From Mind to Paper

    This is where the translation process begins. Our experts will gather all the information you have shared with them during the consultation to interpret your desires and ideas into designs best suited to you. Once ready, we will present 3 hand-painted or 3D rendered designs (depending on your preference and budget) for you to choose from. Each design will have a description of materials, an estimation of fabrication time and price for the final jewelry or sculpture. You can decide to make minor changes to your favorite design before confirming the final version and starting the fabrication process.

    step 3: fabrication

    Handmade Jewelry Made With Love

    Once the design is approved, the fabrication process can start. Depending on the stones selected, we might travel to our stone suppliers worldwide to acquire the best quality gemstones for you. It is then up to our expert artisans to make your painted design come to life. We will cut the stones and make the jewelry or sculpture entirely by hand in our workshop in Tuscany, Italy. Since we create pieces specially tailored to you and your story, we do not make copies. Your creation will be yours and yours alone.  With us, you will have the exquisite satisfaction of wearing a piece of art and savoir-faire nourished by careful training, passion, and creativity.

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