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Jewelry and sculptures

From Concept to Product

Chat with our experts and let us do the rest. We will help you grow your business through the creation of your new line of jewelry or updating your current ones. Just give us your criteria and sketches if you have any, we will design, develop and manufacture your new products for you.

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Services Tailored to You

With our help, you can create a new jewelry line or simply update your current designs depending on your needs. We will embrace your style and brand identity to offer a fresh outlook and new ideas for your company to grow. The designs we will develop for you will be imagined and created for your brand alone.

uniquely Yours

Custom Designing and Prototyping

Is your company in need of new ideas? Give us your criteria and our experts will work with you to imagine and develop new designs uniquely suited to your style and target market. We adapt the technology to be used to your requirements. From pencil sketches or just your brand identity and goals, we can design new products using 3D rendering programs for jewelry meant for mass production or hand-painted gouache renderings of unique pieces for your special clients.

After you fall in love with your new designs, we can also prototype the designs for you. We can manufacture your jewelry entirely by hand; or, for 3D rendered designs, we will print and cast the jewelry, test its’ assembly and give you an estimate of production costs for the final piece if you want us to handle that for you. Otherwise, we will hand you the rubber molds and the prototype, so you are ready for production.


Jewelry Expert Consulting

If you are in need of technical advice for the repairs or production of your jewelry, our experts are here to help. Our experts will help you have a new point of view on a situation that might be blocking you or is too time-consuming to resolve yourself. Ask them questions about jewelry fabrication, new materials to use, delicate repair strategies, etc… Their high level of expertise combined with their creativity will help you grow your business more efficiently and productively.


Manufacturing Services

We offer a wide range of services from artisanal techniques to state-of-the-art fabrication. Our services include:

– Wax modeling

– Metal fabrication (in brass or silver for prototypes; in 18 carat (or more) gold or platinum for final jewelry)

– Casting cleaning and assembly

– Stone setting

– Polishing

– Stone cutting from rough stones or re-cutting (adjusting the shape or for chipped stones)

– Laser welding

– Laser engraving

Contact us for any questions or services you seek.

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