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Through every touch, every sparkle, every memory, jewelry conveys a story. We wear jewelry not only for the object itself but for what it represents to us, our history as well as the story of the hands who made it. When jewelry is done with the right intention, it can be a beacon of hope, a source of strength or a seed of healing because of the story it holds for its wearer to cherish and remember.

Kallira aims to bring this purpose of jewelry to the central position it deserves. Thanks to my great passion, creativity and expertise in fine jewelry honed through my work for the world leaders in the industry, I have patented a new stone setting technique allowing me and my team to create jewelry never seen before.

From the heart of Tuscany, it will be my pleasure to create jewelry and sculptures as unique as you are.  

Juliana Kara Gatt


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Services For Professionals

We offer a wide range of services to professionals from designing to prototyping and fabrication.

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Ocean Engagement Ring
Ocean Engagement Ring
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Chat With An Expert

Brainstorm your idea with us. We will discuss designs, materials and pricing to elaborate designs best suited to you.

Design Selection

Choose and customize your favorite rendered design out of the concepts we will have illustrated for you.


Manufacturing of Your Jewelry or Sculpture

Leave the hard work to us. Relax and observe your idea come to reality.

for professionals

Designing, Prototyping, and Fabrication

We offer a wide range of services to professionals in the jewelry industry using state-of-the-art techniques as well as artisanal craft. Give us your idea and we will bring it to fruition for you. With our tailored services, expand your market and develop your business in the most effective way possible. 

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