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fine Jewellery from the heart of tuscany
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A Vision of European Luxury

Kallira connects technical artistry with designs that feel as beautiful as they look. Designed and tested by women for women, our Tuscan craftsmanship is put to the service of our mission to create jewels of wonder easy to use, comfortable to wear, and of eternal elegance.

Our founder, Juliana Gatt, brings a uniquely international eye and technique to our artisanal production of high jewellery thanks to her French/American heritage and experience brought to the rich Tuscan territory.

We draw inspiration from art, innovation, architecture, and nature. With a profound meaning in every sense, much of our design development also involves mechanical mastery to create jewellery with luxurious movements, allowing the pieces to flow along the body with ease and elegance. These hidden movements also invite to discover a new dimension to our designs with a game of wonder.


Craftsmanship of excellence

Kallira attaches great importance to the quality of exceptional craftsmanship utilizing every technique at its’ best to offer jewellery with a soul. All our production is made with the utmost quality of materials by our master artisans in our workshop in Tuscany made with passion and care.

Our savoir-faire is best described as a dialogue between creativity and technique at the service of elegance and play. Kallira jewellery is made with paramount precision utilizing modern technology and brought to life by being assembled, set, and polished by our goldsmiths’ expert hands.


Unique boxes with genuine Tuscan leather

Awaken your senses with this luxurious unboxing experience that indulges your touch, sight, and smell. Our unique lacquered wood packaging is assembled by hand with genuine leather crafted by Florentine artisans. With Kallira, enjoy the luxury of excellence in every detail.


Ethical ethos in every way

Kallira luxury rhymes with longevity and well-being of our planet and the people involved with us.

To uphold these standards, our precious metals and stone suppliers are carefully selected to ensure the respect on a humane and environmentally sustainable level of the entire supply chain. Kallira relies exclusively on local artisans to support the local economy and sustain the Made in Italy quality guarantee.

We also participate in the preservation of our ecosystem through aid to the Spring Institute (discover at www.thespringinstitute.com). Additionally, in line with our mission to encourage female empowerment within our operations, we support the AMREF Foundation in its mission to help female emancipation in developing countries (learn more at www.amref.it/cosa-facciamo/donne/).


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