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Jewelry with passion

A Lifelong Passion

My passion for jewelry and precious gems first emerged at a young age as a curiosity for this craft that I saw as magic. How can materials so hard be formed in so many different designs, I thought. As a young adult, I started nurturing this passion through training in two prestigious American universities where I learned a wide array of jewelry designing and fabrication techniques. I rapidly perfected these techniques during my work as a jeweler in the #1 high-end jewelry company in the world, where I learned the highest quality of jewelry fabrication. Later I learned lapidary techniques from a stone cutting master in Sri Lanka. Today, this unique path has given me the skillset to create jewelry from the conceptualization to stonework to the finished jewelry with the utmost quality and harmony with the client’s needs.

Juliana Kara Gatt



When Creativity meets Ingenuity

At Kallira, we strive to create the perfect jewel for every client. To achieve this, we are always searching for new, innovative ideas to expand our creative possibilities with handmade techniques. This is why we are proud to present our exclusive patented technique: the Kallira setting.

This new form of stone setting creates the illusion that the gemstones are floating in midair against your skin… with absolutely no metal to hold it. The gemstone is held by transparent quartz or sapphire (depending on the need), which is very strong and visually very light allowing for very durable and unique designs.

Additionally to being more durable than a traditional metal setting, this technique also allows for more light to shine through your gemstone. Since no light is being blocked from the stone, it will keep the same natural beauty as before it is set. With this technique, our uniquely skilled jewelers can create jewelry you have never seen before. Your gemstones will never fall out and will be the brightest they can be.

Only the Best

Ethically Sourced Jewels & Materials

We seek the finest quality of gems for our clients, which is why we personally travel to the country of origin of the stones we seek. Most stones are bought rough and are hand-cut in our workshop to let the natural beauty of our precious gemstones speak for themselves. Our metal is supplied to us by ethically responsible refineries in Italy.

just for you

Designed and Handmade In House

We are at your service to bring to life the depth of your imagination through the skillful hands of an artisan. The way we achieve this is by imagining and producing jewels specially tailored for you using a dwindling art of all handmade techniques; from hand-painted gouache renderings to hand-cut stones, to artisanal fabrication. 

Kallira puts the human back in luxury jewelry fabrication. Away with machines, away with mass-produced goods. Welcome to completely custom jewelry, imagined with you for you. 

Kallira attaches great importance to the quality of hand craftsmanship equivalent to today’s industry standard of machine-made production. All our production is made by our expert artisans in our workshop making sure you get the best quality jewelry possible made with passion and care.


Craftsmanship Expands Beyond one Medium

The mind of an artist is only as good as one’s hands. The hands of our fine jewelers are trained to make very intricate detailed works of art with very rigid materials. Their creativity and heart of artists drive them to work with new materials and dimensions. Without the constraints of wearability that jewelry presents and using a wider range of materials (noble or not), this combination of technical capacities and creativity opens limitless possibilities in the world of art and sculptures in particular.

Bespoke creations

How It Works

Chat With An Expert

Brainstorm your idea with us. We will discuss designs, materials and pricing to elaborate designs best suited to you.

Design Selection

Choose and customize your favorite rendered design out of the concepts we will have illustrated for you.

Manufacturing of Your Jewelry or Sculpture

Leave the hard work to us. Relax and observe your idea come to reality.

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